Associated with slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, the Sydnor log cabin was a significant “home place” for several generations of African Americans from Reconstruction to the mid-twentieth century.

The property was first sold to Lovice “Vicey” Skipwith (1856-1936), a former slave of Prestwould Plantation, from the holdings of the Skipwith family and Prestwould Plantation, in 1888. A purchase of this sort is representative of the histories of African American families in Mecklenburg County and other parts of Virginia, who established themselves as farmers, after the Civil War, often on the very plantations or land adjacent to the plantations where they were once enslaved. The log cabin that Vicey Skipwith purchased would eventually become a home place to several African American families in Mecklenburg County’s Bluestone District. One such African American family was that of Patrick Robert “Parker” Sydnor.


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